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Become a Defensive Driver and Minimize Risks for an Accident

You are driving on the road, following the rules as you should, when all of sudden a car tries to get onto the road and pulls up right in front of you—maybe the driver did not see you coming or thought he/she could beat the traffic. You do what any driver would do—you slam on the brakes. Unfortunately, it is too late, and there is a collision. If you have been in this sort of situation, you know how frustrating it is when someone pulls such a move. You also know that the situation will only get more complicated when dueling insurance companies try to determine which driver is at fault. This is why it is important to cultivate driving practices that make you a defensive driver.


It is imperative that you are attentive to what is going on and around the road. Look for movement from other drivers, whether it is drivers pulling in or out or drivers switching lanes. The sad truth is that some drivers think they own the road. These are the kind of drivers that you especially want to look out for. Also, watch out for drivers attempting to beat the yellow light. Even though your light may be green, it does not mean that you should go right away. This same method should apply for intersections that are absent of the green arrow for drivers turning. If you are going straight, the law states that those turning should yield—yet this does not always happen.


These are just a few things that you can do, but the idea is that you need to be a defensive driver if you want to minimize your risk for accidents. Happy driving and be safe. 


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