He really knows how to save you as much money as possible while also offering great service and an amazing insurance plan.
— Tyler Driskill
He works hard to make sure you get the best deals and makes it easy to switch.
— Becky Lay Saechao
He’s the best! Very professional and gives you the best rate!
— Sara Magaña
Chiew is the man, goes the extra mile for his clients!
— Corey Kersten
I was totally new to car insurance, since I’ve only been driving around my family members cars and not one of my own. So when I finally got my own car, Chiew was the first person I thought of to contact and I’m glad I did. He guided me through out the whole process. Even though we were 3 hours away from each other, I trusted him to help me. He offered the best deals and explained what I was getting.

Thank you for being so precise!
— Christpina Vue
Jeremy and I love you Chiew! You give us a great deal and you’re so very awesome.
— Krista Welstead
Great man will take great care of you and make sure your happy
— Lonnie Keyser


Chiew Insurance Services

Chiew Saechao is the founder and CEO of Chiew's Insurance Services in Redding, California. Chiew established the company in 2015 to help clients obtain the necessary insurance protection they need.

Chiew's Insurance Services is a full service insurance brokerage that can provide both personal and commercial products to the members of his community. Chiew is committed to assisting his clients in understanding the insurance products that relate to their specific needs.

Chiew Insurance Office

Chiew has a passion for forming relationships with his clients and customizing an insurance policy that fits the need of each individual. He is dedicated to ensuring that his clients are given an excellent customer experience.

He brings several years of experience in the insurance industry and began his career at a local agency. It was through this agency that he gained the knowledge and expertise required to provide advice and direction to his clientele. He has an unparalleled network of insurance carriers and a myriad of products that his agency can offer. 

We welcome you to discover the many advantages that our insurance agency offers.  Visit us today at our local office.



1355 E Cypress Ave, Suite D

Redding, CA 95502

(530) 338-2770